Attention to oil pressure of quick connect couplers

- Feb 01, 2018-

The external thread of the control thread of the pneumatic quick joint should be used for the special sealing material of the thread.

When installed, the torque should not exceed the maximum torque to prevent damage.

Please do not use the application other than the fast pneumatic connector.

Please do not connect with the fast fluid joint produced by other companies.

Do not make an artificial strike, bend, stretch, prevent damage.

Do not use metal powder or sand dust and other places to prevent bad work or leakage. If clutter can cause bad work or leakage.

The brake valve must be set before the quick joint.

Please do not use it as a hinge joint. For example, the machine used for vibration and shock can cause the decrease of durability.

Do not use water, glycol series of media. This kind of substance causes the surface coating of zinc to dissolve.