Maintenance operation description of the needle scalers machine

- Feb 01, 2018-

As its name implies, the rust remover is a pneumatic tool for coating the surface of metal, deoxidizing layer, removing sediment, and scale and so on. It is widely used in the maritime industry.

The correct operation and use of the derusting machine is convenient for the crew and other operators, and can prolong the service life of the derusting machine and reduce the maintenance cost. So in particular, the maintenance and use of the daily need to pay attention to the maintenance and use of the derusting machine.

Selection and purchase of accessories for rust remover

For example: the intake hose and the joint of the derusting machine, it is recommended to choose a high quality joint.  Although fittings are very small components, they play a key link in use. Good day to joint operation after no worries. On the contrary, the selection of poor quality joints may lead to gas leakage and the bad consequences of the joint bomb.

When working in special situations such as high altitude or half space, it is recommended that we choose to buy special safety cable fittings and new design anti falling devices for use in order to avoid tool loss / damage and help prevent potential health and safety risks.

The use of compressed air provided by the derusting machine

It should be clean and water free, and the air compressor should be equipped with a steam water separator. It is suggested that the user install the air filter / pressure regulating valve / oil mist before the derusting machine. The daily use of compressed air should be paid attention to:

The gas supply tube should be cleaned up before the machine is connected to the machine, and there should be no condensation in the gas supply pipe.

The minimum inner diameter of the gas supply tube is 10 millimeters, and the joint should be firmly and not leaked.

The length of the gas supply tube is not more than 10 meters. If it exceeds this length, it should be remembered that each length to 15 meters, the wind pressure will drop by 0.21 kg / sq cm.

Safe and efficient work pressure of 6.2 kg / sq cm

The air pressure should not be reduced to 5.5 or more than 6.9 kilograms / square centimeters

In cold weather when using the machine with special anti freezing lubricating oil.

The use of safety precautions for the derusting machine.

Before using the instructions, we should realize that this kind of machine is not insulated.

Wear protective shoes, wear masks, wearing glasses, helmet, gloves, and labor protection equipment that must be used on the spot. Face mask and respirator should be worn in some environmental operations because of dust and broken skin.

Hand and clothing should be far away from the moving parts of the machine.

Store machines in a safe and dry environment.

When you work, you should take care of the people and things around them.

Lubricate the machine every day.

The safety procedures should be observed.

It is not allowed to leave the machine empty and not to change the machine (this will cause the warranty failure and cause damage).

No long fatigue work is allowed, which can cause physical strain or injury. The spring equalizer is considered to be weighed.

No hand in hand is allowed when homework is done.

It is not allowed to use carbon steel pin to rust the machine in an environment where the explosion is possible.

No wind tubing is allowed to drag the machine.

It is not allowed to use gasoline or other high flash solvent to clean the machine.

It is important to note that once the pressure pipe is removed from the meeting, it is very dangerous; to prevent the pipe from tripping over the wind pipe.