What are the classifications of pneumatic tools

- Feb 01, 2018-

1. assembly: pneumatic wrench, pneumatic screwdriver, wrench, ratchet wrench, perforation, torsional wind group, fixed torque spanner;

2., grinding class: pneumatic disc sandpaper machine, square sand paper machine, micro sandpaper machine, special shaped sandpaper machine, eight valve sand machine, pneumatic belt machine, pneumatic sander and pneumatic polishing machine.

3. grinding type: pneumatic grinder, grinder (straight shank grinding machine), engraving pen (pencil mill), pneumatic and ultrasonic machine file file;

4. types: straight type drilling gas drilling, hand gun shaped gas drilling, elbow gas drilling, gas drilling, drilling angle of professional aviation;

5. attack braces wires: portable pneumatic tapping machine, desktop arm set tapping machine, portable pneumatic threading machine;

6. stone tools: pneumatic water mill, pneumatic stone cutting machine;

7. riveting types: pneumatic pulling cap gun (riveting nut gun) and pneumatic nail gun (core rivet gun);

8. shears: pneumatic shear, pneumatic clamp, pneumatic saw;

9. painting categories: spray gun, oil pump, coating pipe, air pipe, pneumatic pressure bucket, pneumatic agitator;

10. nailed guns: straight nail gun (F30/F50/T50), code nailed gun (1013J/1013F/422J/1022J/440K/N851), steel nail gun (ST64/MS-1619), nailed gun

(CN60/CN70/CN100/CN130), pneumatic sealing machine (1935/2235/SP50-10B-A), C type gun, clip gun, tack gun and so on.

11. class: gas shovel, hammer tamping, pin derusting machine, pneumatic drill.