What is the daily maintenance of the marine

- Feb 01, 2018-

Classification of daily maintenance work

1, daily maintenance work is divided into: daily maintenance, monthly maintenance and suspension overhaul three kinds, among them, the heave maintenance is divided into semi annual and annual maintenance repair.

2, daily maintenance for every day; monthly maintenance for every month, every day; semi annual maintenance time according to the host running 500-600 hours or half a year, every 3-5 days; annual maintenance by engine running once every 1000-1500 hours or 3-7 days each year.

The main contents of daily maintenance

1, the daily maintenance content and plan should be determined according to the CWBT principles and reference and reference CWBT management technology four class eight level maintenance system and the corresponding concept of maintenance cycle; daily maintenance, monthly maintenance use CWBT management technology in A, B, C level maintenance management table form the heave maintenance, according to the condition of marine technology and mainly for D, E, F maintenance required maintenance plan.

2, daily maintenance: in order to develop the daily maintenance work plan form (A, B level maintenance). The main contents are: improve the marine environment and equipment clean and check the equipment and eliminate the "three leakage" (water, oil, gas), check the battery electrolyte specific gravity and check the oil tank, engine, gearbox and other oil, cooling water expansion tank liquid level height etc..

3, monthly maintenance: to make monthly maintenance work plan form (C, D level maintenance). The main contents are: check the fastening of deck equipment and waterproof, sunscreen device effectiveness, check the window, door cover, water (rain) tightness; cleaning or replacement of oil, oil filter and air filter; check the host equipment lubrication state; the equipment required timing of lubricating oil etc.. Power cut, fire alarm, centralized monitoring and regular inspection; check the hydraulic steering gear line seal, oil seal, shaft; check the pump oil, water seal and other necessary maintenance work.

4, half year maintenance: the planned maintenance project is prepared by the ship (D, E level maintenance), and after approval. The main contents are: check the corrosion situation of the cabin, deck, fender and so on, rust and paint locally, check the shafting and piping system, check the main and auxiliary machines, electrical equipment or replacement parts, inspect the rudder system and other navigational equipment. Other necessary repairs.

5, annual maintenance: the planned maintenance project is responsible for the preparation of the ship (E, F level maintenance), and after approval. Its main contents are: superstructure wall board, all deck, hull board, deck machinery and its pipe system, rust removing, paint and so on. The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, such as the main and auxiliary machines, is carried out according to the "maintenance manual", and the other items are carried out in reference to the semi annual maintenance project.