How To Maintain The Deck Derusting Paint

- Feb 01, 2018-

On deck, the rust stains we usually see are water trail rust, thin flat rust, pimple rust, thick rust and radial rust. According to the corrosion status and location, different tools and derusting methods are adopted. Steel crevice water trace rust generally appear in conjunction with the two parts or parts of the edge or after welding, should try to use a hammer to knock rust rust on clean tip gap. Bo Pingxiu appeared on the big deck for new plate or just rust soon, the rust layer is not deep, just hit the net surface with a wire brush promptly after the paint can prevent the expansion of the steel plate rust damage; bumps and thick film rust in the deck hidden corner site, as well as the key point a board to play in the maintenance of rust, electric hammer, hammer, hammer, shovel, gas wire brush, angle grinder, electric wire brush and other tools, should pay attention to the thick black rust rust hammer inter net, and will be around with the shovel and the grinder is rust degree of radial draw; the lighter, but also can not be ignored, once found to be timely with the shovel and wire brush to remove. In a word, no matter what type of corrosion, the rust removal tool, should be careful, how much is the size of rust removal, try not to completely expand; rust corrosion, found in a timely manner to extermination, otherwise it will cause vicious spiral - the knock more rust, rust is more intensified knock, if things go on like this.

As for the basic technology of paint, we must pay attention to the mastery of the technique of painting and the timing of the paint. The first degree primer should be completed within four hours after the rust removal. It should not be too thick when coating. When using the elbow brush, rotate the paint along the periphery of the center, and then spin it in the opposite direction, so that the positive and negative sides will be evenly coated and the area should not be expanded. The second degree primer needs to be done after the first primer is dry, and the salt is removed from the sea after the sea is splashed, so that the paint has a stronger adhesion. The primer, which is different from the first color, is also painted with a curved handle. The area is slightly larger than the first degree primer. It is necessary to cover the third degree primer, especially when the antirust paint is thin. For topcoat operation, the first coat finish must be done after the primer is dry. Use the elbow brush to brush. As long as the area of primer is covered, the operation procedure is the same as that of priming. The second degree top coat is very important. It requires small roller brush or four inch or six inch roller brush. In a certain direction, the area must be larger than the bottom and the direction of the stern. The area must be larger than the bottom finish, and it should be brushed, brushed, brushed and brushed straight and horizontally. In addition, we should attach great importance to the review after finishing the paint. If we do not find the right place, we should organize the manpower to make up the paint so as to ensure the integrity of the rust removing and paint maintenance, so that we can keep the deck for at least six months or more.