- Feb 01, 2018-

It is a kind of input, the digital instrument calibration tool. The scaler, users can input the drawing of the content, and give more accurate positioning in the input. The scaler is in accordance with the number of keys to the division, there are four common key scalers and 16 key scalers. Each key scaler represents a key direction, the more convenient more accurate positioning. The current mainstream products with 16 keys of the main scaler.

It is a nuclear radiation measuring instrument was first used, in the form of a variety of internal circuit with Jane fan, suitable for different application requirements. In order to ensure the accuracy and precision of measurement, the modern scaler generally has the automatic operation and automatic control and other functions, can accurately record any selected time pulse technology, can directly display or output measurement results. It includes an input stage, counting electric timing circuit and control circuit.

The counting circuit is the main part of it is used to input scaler, the cumulative number of pulses, usually by decimal counting unit, low and medium speed counting circuit mostly adopts MOS or TTL integrated circuit, high-speed counting circuit adopt ECL circuit. The counting circuit is usually attached with a decoding display circuit, which directly displays the measurement results. It can also be connected to the printer and output the data.