There Are Several Commonly Used Needle Scalers

- Feb 01, 2018-

Shot blasting machine is mainly the use of high-speed operation of machinery and equipment to a certain size of steel by centrifugal force throws out a method of shot and component was thrown out of the violent collision attack so as to achieve the purpose of removing surface corrosion of steel. It uses the steel varieties are: Iron and steel cut wire pill two, iron pills are formed in the case of rapid cooling and injection by melting iron particle in 0.8~5mm iron pills, the surface is very round. It is relatively cheap but poor in durability. In the process of shot throwing, the repeated impact iron pellets were crushed and removed as dust. The wire cutting ball is made of scrap wire rope cut into 2mm segments, its surface has sharp corners, the rust removal effect is relatively high, and it is not easy to break, the service life is prolonged, but the price is improved. The pellet surface of the latter is more rough.

Shot peening

A method of removing rust from the surface of the component with high pressure air band tapping pills.