What Are The Methods Of Removing Rust From Marine

- Feb 01, 2018-

1. Manual rust removal

Manual derusting tools have a hammer, shovel, scraper, steel wire brush, generally thick rust with a hammer and loose shovel eradication. High intensity of labor, low rust removal efficiency, bad environment, difficult to remove the oxide skin and other dirt, the effect of rust removal is not good, it is difficult to reach the delimited cleanliness.

Two, mechanical derusting

There are more tools and techniques for mechanical rust removal, and the main four are the following:

1. Small wind or electric rust removal. It mainly uses electric or compressed air as power to assemble appropriate rust removing devices, such as corner grinder, wire brush, pneumatic needle rust remover, pneumatic rust hammer, toothed rotary rust remover and so on.

2, shot peening (sand) rust removal. It is mainly composed of particle ejection and erosion to achieve surface cleanliness and appropriate roughness. The equipment includes open shot blasting (sand) rust remover, closed shot blasting (sand chamber) and vacuum shot blasting machine.

3, high pressure water abrasive rust removal. The impact of high pressure water jet (added abrasive grinding action) and water prying action destroy the corrosion and adhesion of the coating to the steel plate.

4, shot removing rust. The shot blasting is the use of high speed rotating impeller to throw the abrasive to the steel surface to achieve the purpose of removing rust.

Three. Chemical derusting

It is mainly a method of removing rust from the rust products on the metal surface by chemical reaction of acids and metal oxides, which is commonly known as acid pickling and rust removal, and can only be manipulated in the workshop.