What Is The Electric Needle Scalers Used For

- Feb 01, 2018-

Speaking of rust remover, many people should be in touch with each other, but more people should have heard about it and never touched it. That is to say, many people don't know what the rust remover is for. So what is its use in the end? Which area is the main application?

For a long time, mechanical parts are used in production. There are no less than three frequent problems: one is the cleaning problem. All the dirt on the surface of parts years of accumulation, can not even go to the original look; two is the wear problem. Long term wear and tear cause parts to gradually appear defects, serious even affect the use; three is the problem of corrosion. Iron and steel rust is the main cause of the scrap of mechanical machine parts. And the production of the derusting machine is to solve some of the problems above, the results show that the effect is very ideal, and is now being popularized.

In the rust removing machine, there is a kind of non pickling wire drawing and derusting machine, which is a special needle for wire drawing and removing rust. The work nature of no pickling determines that this equipment is environmentally friendly, will not cause environmental pollution, will not produce dust, and affects the health of the operating workers. In addition, there is the digital control and manual control of the equipment of pickling derusting machine, more intelligent; with the use of boron coated dryer, after removing the wire and the new abode, no traces of rust holes in the surface, and also has certain corrosion resistance, can be said to be a good cleaning industry, application widely.